Meet Pastor Moses



I’d like you to meet my friend and brother in Christ Pastor John Moses of Vangalapudi (pictured above with his wife). We visited Pastor Moses and his church while in India in February. Moses is an educated man being formerly employed as a teacher and school administrator before faithfully following God’s true plan for his life. His church is thriving as they reach out to the local village using personal prayer for individuals around the village. When these individuals (usually Hindu) are touched by the love and power of Jesus Christ, they will begin to attend church services to learn more about this God we serve. Moses calls this ministry “Jesus Expo”. It’s a form of door-to-door evangelism, but he jokes that people wouldn’t understand “door-to-door” in his village because most don’t have doors on their houses! God is using Pastor Moses in a mighty way to share his Good News in rural setting. People are being baptized in the local river. Jesus’ Great Commission is being carried out. Praise God for his work in Vangalapudi!


May 2016 Margham Newsletter

I am pleased to announced that Joel and Sonya Dunham will be leading a team to go to India this coming August.  Arun Kumar is expected to return to the United States with them and spend approximately two weeks in the United States.  If you are interested in having him come to your area and make a presentation, please contact me, and we will make that happen.

Last month we reached out to you and informed you about the need for school supplies for Sandayamma’s orphans and to Pastor Senai Konda’s building fund.  We reached our goal as to the school supplies.  Thank you.  Pastor Konda’s need is more extensive, but a portion of the funds have been provided and sent to India.  Thank you.  You continued support for this project is, of course, welcome.

Amazon has also qualified Margham as a charitable organization.  If you would like to designate Margham the next time you purchase on Amazon, you have the option of helping Margham with each purchase.  Five percent of each purchased is remitted to Margham. Try clicking this link first: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/37-1404392. (If this doesn’t work, here are the detailed instructions:)

  1. Register with Smile.amazon.com.
  2. Once you have registered with Smile.amazon.com, go to the “settings” tab.  Under that tab you will find either “designate your charity” or “change your charity.”
  3. When you click that tab on, you will be permitted to search for “Margham, Inc.” and designate Margham.

SPECIAL NOTE: Smile.amazon.com is a different site than the usual amazon.com site, but you can purchase everything at that site that you can purchase at the regular amazon site. Please be sure to go to “smile.amazon.com” for purchases to support Margham. 

This month I would like to introduce you to Sujatha and Shanti.   These women are sisters, and have taken up the Widows’ ministry, first started by their mother, Bivanni.  Bivanni has been with the Lord for several years, but her daughters and their families, have performed admirable service in advancing this ministry.

In prior newsletters, I have discussed the difficulty that many widows encounter in the Indian culture.  In many instances, when the husband dies or abandons his family, the younger widow or abandoned wife is left to her own devices.  Frequently, with young widows, her family has no sense of obligation to take her back into the family. Unfortunately, in many cases with older widows, that widow’s children feel no sense of responsibility to care for their mother.  To help alleviate this problem, Sujatha and Shanti have taken responsibility to manage the Margham Widows’ Home.  Presently, there are between 15 and 20 widows in that home.  Their husbands, James and Singh, and their children have made this home their personal ministry, frequently donating more than 50% of their own monthly income to support this home.  I have had the pleasure of spending several days with these two families. They are beautiful people.  If you would like to support this ministry, please designate “Widows’ Home” or similar words on your check.   If you are donating online, please send us an email at marghaminc@hotmail.com confirming your designation at the time of you online gift. As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support

Darrell Dunham


Darrell Dunham


Special Need: Orphanage Children School Supplies for June

imageWhile the school year is ending here in the United States, schools are reopening for a new year in India. School in India is public and paid for by the government, but the required supplies are not. This presents a very practical need at both Margham orphanages. The Mom Anita and Simon Homes care for 30 children and 75 children respectively. Margham USA sends money each month to cover the most basic needs for these children such as food, but summer is normally our lowest donation month leaving little or no money to meet this special need.

The estimated cost to provide a single child with supplies for the new school year is $20 per child. This would purchase:
– Text books and note books
– A school bag
– Shoes
– School uniform (School dresses) two pairs
– School stationaries like pens, pencils, etc.


If you would like to help meet this need or have any questions, please email me at casey@kingjesus.us or call at 662-809-9730. Alternatively, you can send a check to Margham at the address on our Donations page specifying “Orphanage School Supplies” in the memo line. Lastly, there is a PayPal link on our Donations page allowing you to help with a credit or debit card. Be sure to specifying “Orphanage School Supplies”.


Margham “Mississippi” February 2016 Trip

A mission team from Mississippi accompanied Darrell Dunham to India in February of 2016 including Dr. Erik Lessmann for the first “Margham Medical Camps” adding to the normal ministry activities of preaching, teaching and encouraging our Brothers and Sisters in India. The following link goes to the Blog we kept during the trip.

Left to Right: Sister Pria, Sandayamma, Richard Cousino, Emma Lessmann, Pastor Arun, Dr. Erik Lessmann, Martin Lessmann, Casey Newsom
Left to Right: Pria, Sandayamma, Richard Cousino, Emma Lessmann, Pastor Arun Kumar, Dr. Erik Lessmann, Martin Lessmann, Casey Newsom

Favorite India Memory by Dr. Erik

One of my best memories from India was on Raju’s island. The warm reception we received and Raju’s graciousness were touching. On an island of 300 people, 160 people signed up to see us. There was one little boy that touched my heart. He had been having vomiting and diarrhea for the past 24 hours and he was so weak that he couldn’t sit up, eat, or even hold up his arms. I want to thank our church family for supporting us and supplying us with medications and resources so we could treat this young boy and see him walk again within and smile within an hour. I know he’ll be fine now, he would have likely died without your help. Thank you.