Margham supports and encourages Indian pastors and churches as they reach out to their own communities with the gospel in India. Margham works with indigenous pastors, lepers, orphanages, widows in needs-based ministry.
100%* of your donations are given to the work in India. Gifts are tax deductible.

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2014 Margham Christmas Program

Local Newspaper Coverage

Dear Margham Friend,

It’s time again for the Margham Christmas Gift Program!

Last year’s program raised over $20,000, praise God!  We were able to bless so many people with much needed food, clothes, and supplies.  Most importantly the gifts pave the way for the gospel to spread through the recipients and the encouragement they experience by our support.  It is so exciting to see how this little program continues to grow and bless our brothers and sisters India every year.

Arun has been making the Christmas celebration an outreach event to which he invites the surrounding Hindu neighborhood.  The food, treats, music, dancing, and gifts handed out to the Anita Home children and to the poor all draw the attention of the Hindu neighbors, but the highlight of the celebration is the Gospel and teaching about Jesus Christ.  Last year Arun wrote that they had 600 people gather for Christmas!  He also invited the local Hindu governor of the city of Machilipatnam.  The governor came with a small team, and stayed for the entire event!  The pastors presented the governor and his team Bibles and encouraged them to accept Jesus as their Savior.  The governor’s presence even garnered press coverage – the Margham Christmas Celebration made front page news!

In his report of the event, Arun wrote “We are just indebted to the generosity of our brothers and sisters in the U.S. who shared their means with us to make us happy and left a great feeling of belonging to the One Family of One Loving God. THANK YOU GENEROUS MARGHAM DONORS IN AMERICA!”

Let’s share the endless love of Christ again this year.

In Christ,

Sonya Dunham


Here’s how the program works:

  1. Read over the gift descriptions on the next page.
  1. Select which gift(s) you would like to give on the form below, indicate the quantity, and note the total price.  Checks should be made out to Margham, Inc.
  1. If you would like to give one of the items in honor of someone special, check the box requesting an “Honoree” card (no extra charge).  The card explains that “A gift was given in your honor to the Margham ministry in India.” You may request as many cards as gifts purchased.
  1. Detach the form and send it to Attn: Betsy Dunham, Margham Inc. 308 W Walnut St. Carbondale, IL 62901.   I will then send you any requested Honoree cards.

Please return the forms with your gift by Dec. 1st.  I know this sounds early, but I want to be sure that you all get the Honoree cards in time.  Also, and even more important, we try to send the money to India in time for Christmas for them to celebrate.  Thank you so much for taking the time to consider these gifts, and may God bless you throughout the Christmas season!

2014 Margham CP Form

Please send this form to:   Attn: Betsy Dunham, Margham Inc. 308 W Walnut St. Carbondale, IL 62901


2014 Margham Christmas Gift List

Orphan ClothesNew Clothes for Orphans: $15.
 Arun wrote to us that “in India, Christmas means a new dress for a child.  God being with your efforts I wish to give each of our 30 children a very good dress for Christmas.”  Sandyamma has over 90 children in her home, and we’d love to give them all new outfits this year!

Orphan ToysToys for Simon Home and Mum Anita Home: $15.   A soccer ball, a pack of crayons and paper, toy cars, a jar of bubbles, a teddy bear… the simplest toys bring the biggest smiles on the faces of these children.  One of the highlights of my two visits to India has been seeing how grateful and excited the children are to receive simple gifts like a small pack of crayons or bouncy balls.


Rice and Clothes for the Margham Leper Home: $20.  The Margham lepers can be doubly ostracized, both for leprosy and for being Christian. They find provision for spiritual and physical needs through their Margham family.

Sari for WidowSaris and Food for a Widow: $20.  Widows are outcasts in Hindu society and are not accepted back by their family or their deceased husband’s family.  Like orphans and lepers, widows find a family in the Margham churches.

New Bibles

Bibles in the Telugu Language: $25.  Margham churches are growing, especially with the great response from the new evangelism and outreach efforts.  Margham pastors are in more need than ever before of more Bibles to distribute to new believers and receptive Hindus and Muslims.  If ordered in bulk, Telugu Bibles (Old and New Testaments) cost only about $5 each.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Sewing Machine for a Girl Learning to be a Seamstress: $125. Sandyamma makes a great effort to provide livelihood training to her orphans when they grow up.  She is always asking for help purchasing sewing machines for the girls who have completed seamstress school.  With a sewing machine, these girls can be self-sufficient with a respected job.


A Motorcycle for a Pastor: $1,300.  Most Margham pastors have several churches that they serve on Sunday and throughout the week.  One even has congregations in 22 villages!  Much of their time is spent walking, bicycling, or using the inefficient bus system from one village to another, which are often many miles apart.  A new motorcycle is one of best material encouragements we can give these devoted men.

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