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Oliver and Krupa’s Day for Jesus

2012-11-28_19-09-58_476 (1)It time for us in Margham India to remember two children who are now in the blessed presence of our Heavenly Father.  Oliver is the infant son of Joel and Sonya Dunham – Joel is the son of the President of Margham, Darrell Dunham.  Both Joel and Sonya have helped Margham India a lot and have each visited India three times for short-term mission trips.  Last year on Easter morning, their son Oliver died after a long medical battle.

Krupa is one of my adopted daughters who passed away last year due to complications from HIV, which she had been infected with at birth.  She is a beautiful young girl in heaven now, who was very smart in school and who loved to lead in worship services.

KrupaSo, every year on the first of March we have decided to remember these two children in an honorable way.

Here is a short summary of our program for Oliver and Krupa’s Good News Day.

  • The first of March 2014 was a self-declared holiday for my orphan children.
  • The first event was a morning devotion whence together with the praise and worship of our Lord, two of the children will give a brief life history of both Oliver and Krupa.
  • During the day, the children had a walk-a-thon into the streets of the village nearby holding banners with the picture of both Oliver and Krupa and shouting the slogan: “Repent and believe Jesus for the Kingdom of God is near” and other similar slogans.  We got dressed up with our best and with banners, tracts, gospel handouts, etc: we were on the street for the Lord.  At every junction, someone preached the salvation message.
  • With the guide of a church elder, we went door to door.  We met and spoke of Jesus to many people.  Some welcomed us, some asked for our prayers, some had sad stories to tell, some asked for financial help, and some were admittedly suspicious.  But thank God – there were some miracles of healing too.  Many of these our neighbors offered us tea and cookies, and some even gave us some little donations.
  • A few selected older children went door to door to inquire about any little children sick in that neighborhood, if they could pray for them and give them a rose, greeting them in the name of Oliver and Krupa.
  • Everyone was back to lunch by 1 p.m.
  • By 3 p.m., our school van, our jeep and our auto rickshaw took the children to the children’s ward of the Government Hospital, to greet admitted children, pray over them, and give them a rose and gifts.  The authorities would not allow us to sing songs… but in silence we prayed over a couple of children and gave them some gifts. Many elderly patients were so touched by our act and we shared the story of Oliver and Krupa. Some shed tears as they listened to us.
  • In all, we encountered 72 people, of which 32 are very interested in Jesus and have given us their contact information.  A follow-up team consisting of four of us will visit these new contacts every Sunday.

Glory to God through remembering those tender lives, Krupa and Oliver.

Pastor Arun Kumar

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